Who We Are?

123.Design, a leading Product and industrial Design company, covers the entire product development process, from product definition to distribution. Our services include market analysis, product design, engineering, in-house rapid prototyping, tooling, production, and distribution.

For over a decade, our award-winning designers and veteran engineers have pioneered solutions, serving a wide range of companies, from start-ups to Fortune 50.

At 123.Design, we integrate product and market research, analyze end-user needs, employ computer modelling, and utilize rapid prototyping in our well-established design process. This collaborative and high-energy team consistently delivers world-class product designs and innovations.

We prioritize creating meaningful connections with consumers and achieving solid market successes for our clients. Experience our designs that forge strong bonds and drive business growth.


123.Design has successfully provided its design and development services to innovators from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions.

Satisfied 123 clients ranging from amateur inventors to practising physicians to global corporations such as Boeing, CocaCola, Georgia Pacific, Philip Morris, Xerox, and Lipton.

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To get things started and for the sake of making the task simple we have our mutual NDA ready for you. This is the first step we take before discussing the project.

After the NDA is signed, please make sure to fill out the “clients form” with information on you and your product.
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Through intensive design research and strategic evaluation, 123.Design gains insight into a client’s brand identity, consumer base, existing assets, and key market opportunities. Using this knowledge as a springboard for design, we ensure that every 123.Design recommendation fulfills the needs of both company and consumer.

We solve complex problems by creating a set of principles and practices that can be applied to the product. It combines data and trend analysis, pattern recognition, intuition, and imagination to envision desirable and sustainable paths of action. Inspiration, ideation, and implementation. Futurist Jamais Cascio described the future thinking process as: Asking the Question, Scanning the World, Mapping the Possibilities, and Asking the Next Question. It’s an iterative process which helps you consider a range of possible, probable, and preferable outcomes. It’s not predicting the future, but rather taking a structured approach to understanding the potential impacts of today’s decisions and actions.

Settling for the way it’s always been done runs counter to the 123.Design philosophy. On this point we agree with Albert Einstein that Innovation is not the product of logical thought, although the result is tied to logical structure.

Based on a solid foundational structure of academic training and years of successful experience in the profession, it is the creative genius of 123.Design team members that further distinguishes their work from that of other merely conventional design firms. This creativity is why 123.Design product designs routinely surpass current standards of brand experience for clients and consumers.

The most elegant and creatively inspired ideas remain merely conceptual without practical, theoretically-based but empirically-validated scientific methods of design and production.

At 123.Design, state-of-the-art expertise is channeled through state-of-the-science technology to practically manifest clients product dreams.

To develop the highest-quality, most effective product design, 123.Design engineers focus on the user experience as well as the client’s conceptual input while creatively resolving mechanical, production, and cost issues.

Throughout every product development project, 123.Design applies the highly effective Six Thinking Hat approach to best conceptualize each stage of the product’s design and execution. Using in sequence the various distinct ways in which the human brain achieves its solutions, this approach incorporates each of the following mental processes: Gathering Data; Tuning in to Emotions; Critical Judgment; Positive Thinking; Generating Novel Ideas; and Considering the “Big Picture” or Overall Goal. The result is a thoroughly-analyzed, accurately-clarified process of product design and marketing that has proven to be remarkably effective.

To succeed in todays high-speed and technologically advanced marketplace, product development must occur rapidly yet meticulously, based on targeted research and empirical science, yet inspired by educated creativity.

123.Design provides services that span the entire product development process, including product definition, market analysis, design, engineering, in-house rapid prototyping, and overseeing the final design into production. The companies design process integrates product and market research, end-user needs, analysis, computer modeling, and rapid prototyping with a high-energy, results-oriented team approach. 123.Design team members, both thinkers and do-ers, come from a multitude of backgrounds, with expertise that bridges disciplines and spans industries including automotive, medical, consumer, retail, software, technology, finance, and many others.

This extraordinary collection of talent analytical and artistic, conservative and unconventional, technical and whimsical is carefully orchestrated for each client engagement to ensure an effective balance between emotional experiences for consumers and economic benefits for clients.