iPad Cover




Consumers want to use the iPad wherever and whenever possible: in the kitchen, lounge, bedroom, study, in the garage, in the car, airplane, boats. At the same time, iPad is precious, and where it is used must be accessible and secure, visible but unobtrusive.

So what is needed is a secure yet flexible and instantly accessible mounting system that lets users position their iPad where they need it, for when they need it. 123.Design is committed to bringing you the latest, cutting-edge mounting accessories in Tablet PC technology. Our iPad cover solution is truly one of a kind and will enhance every application our consumers use. Each device is manufactured to perform above expectations and remain cost effective. We are unwilling to compromise durability and versatility, utilizing the finest materials.

The ability to pan 360 degrees and tilt 90 degrees allows for unlimited mounting and user capabilities. It comes equipped with screws for permanent mounting, a heavy duty strap for headrest, car visors, your leg, and any other object you can wrap a strap around and securely mount the tablet in place. Four (4) suction cups are provide that will effortlessly attach to the small bracket portion of the mount, allowing a secure mounting option for hard surfaces such as glass, mirrors, refrigerator.

Best of all the unique patented design bracket will also act as a kickstand for your favorite photo album or by simply reversing the bracket with a turn of the wrist it will comfortably hold the tablet into the ideal typing position. We have developed a quick release on/off bracket that allows you to freely and effortlessly remove the tablet from its mounting position and to become mobile once again while assuring the user they have a heavy duty attractive protective carrying case.


The functionality of our revolutionary mount doesn&rsquo t end here. The carrying case has been strategically designed to allow for a comfortable gripping surface on any of the four sides that will conform to the palm of your hand that makes gaming even better. We have also solved the wobbling that occurs on iPad’s once placed on a flat surface by creating a symmetrical flat back portion of the carrying case creating a perfect user experience.

Users have found our iPad cover can be mounted in any position due to the nature of the design. It’s ability to move in all directions while securely mounted has created endless options for business, consumers, and gamers truly releasing the freedom of tablets as the world knows them.