iPhone Case




Elegant, strong, and extremely lightweight, the futuristic designer iPhone case is the lightest case in the universe. Created using aerospace grade carbon fiber, this custom iphone case is waterproof and it is 10X stronger than aluminum and can be used as an iphone case wallet with a bulletproof enclosure. Inside, the case is lined with a soft neoprene, designed to absorb shocks, preventing scratches or dings. The futuristic qualities of the materials provide an armor for your iPhone, preventing and shielding it from every day wear and tear.   The unique case is assembled with a stainless steel bracket   the clip on the slim fit grip case is covered with a high quality synthetic leather.
Secure your Apple iPhone with this case, available in Black, Navy Blue, S8ilver, or White.

World-class protection, raised to an art form. 100% real aerospace grade carbon fiber compressed under incredibly high pressure creates the super strong outer shell, while the inside is still lined with soft neoprene to create a shock absorbent cushion.

Super sleek and Super Simple.

Weighing in at just 7 grams (equal to about 7 pennies) makes this the lightest full iPhone case in the universe (even lighter than our previous). So thin ( 2mm thick ) and sleek, you will barely know it’s there. Compatible with Apple iPhone 3G/3GS. Easy access to all controls and ports Other colors available: Navy Blue, Silver, White. Prevents and shields iPhone from everyday wear and tear. Slim fit plastic grip case (clip-on style) covered with high quality synthetic leather. Unique carbon fiber pattern.