As a product design company prviding the best idea to market we created a Personal Digital Assistant that can organize and simplify your life. This powerful PDA (aka Palmtop Computer) has an electronic visual display, audio capability, and Wi-Fiaccess with touch screen technology. The innovative design allows you to synchronize your e-mail, appointments, files, and additional data in the palm of your hand.
Compact and stylish, this reliable PDA features a 624 MHz processor, 128 MB of RAM, a USB port, and a high-capacity SDIO and Compact Flash expansion to provide additional storage options.
A transflective 480 x 640 pixel, 4inch TFT (thin film transistor, a type of LCD flat panel screen that provide the best resolution of all flat panel technology) touch panel display with LED backlight delivers excellent visibility in a variety of environments.
Product design and deveopment companies have some softwares tgat can be preloaded such as Microsoft Mobile OfficePhotoSmart, and Mobile Print, as well as receiving support for a broad range of third-party software applications, providing users with additional tools and flexibility.This does not include the industrial design or any other aspect of a hire got industrial design.
An integrated microphone, receiver, speaker, and headphone jack add further possibilities for use as a mobile phone or portable media players.

Compact, reliable PDA featuring a 624 MHz processor, 128 MB of RAM and a planned three-year life cycle is the ideal handheld device for IT managers and mobile professionals. Integrated WiFi with WPA2.