Consumer electronics have become an intricate part of our lives both at home and work. As the years pass by we have experienced a drastic switch from analog to digital where digital connectivity has become essential in products. Most devices we have are used for entertainment, communication and recreational needs.

Years ago when the world wide web (WWW) was created it was all about having a network for people to communicate with each other but nowadays we have iOT (Internet of Things) where it is all about the communication between products. Have you ever realized how smart products have become in the past decades? It is only going to get better from here on. With AI (Artificial Intelligence) right around the corner it will become a major part of our lives.

Most of these products are categorized as black goods or brown goods. However, white goods, products that are used for housekeeping such as refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, dryer etc. are also part of this category.

That being said, black goods are mostly devices that you use throughout your household. Products such as your TV, Entertainment center, Roku, Amazon Echo, Phone, Audio System and list goes on.

Above you will see some of the sample products we have works on both from an Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Software engineering, prototyping or actual production of the products, from tooling to injection molding.