The DeHU Pint Dehumidifier provides you with the option of living comfortably without the worry of humidity in your house. The DeHU Dehumidifier is able to effectively remove 40 pints of moisture from your household daily. This removal of the moisture from the air will leave the room feeling much more comfortable. This DeHU model dehumidifier is also an energy star product.

The DeHU Pint Dehumidifier is perfect for rooms that reach up to 2,200 square feet. It has a fully integrated electronic control panel, which has a digital display. It has a collection tank that will hold the water collected from the air per day. There is also a shutoff valve to prevent overflow. It comes with strong castor wheels, which makes the DeHU dehumidifier easy to move from one place to the next.

This device is a must have if you are trying to reduce the humidity in your home. It can be used are throughout the house, inside the workshop, basement, storage room, family room and laundry room. Anywhere that you have a moisture problem, it can be used. The use of the dehumidifier will also reduce mold, mildew, musty odors and sweating floors and walls. Electronic controls with digital display – with soft-touch controls and large LCD display, the functions are easy to set and read. The electronic humidistat and fan speed functions allow you to easily set your desired level of comfort.

Heavy-Duty Pump System Never Empty a Bucket – Patented pump system automatically removes moisture from collection tank. Just attach the 16-foot hose (included), and the unit can even be drained upward through a window. Dehumidifier function can be operated with or without pump.

Ideal for basement use – Low temperature operation – Designed to function at temperatures as low as 44F.

24-Hour Programmable Timer – Electronic timer allows you to easily program the start/stop delay function.Lateral Intake / Outtake Grille – Unique lateral grille design provides several options for positioning the unit, including directly against the wall. Tank Control System – Our special safety system prevents water overflow due to a full, improperly positioned or missing tankor even if the optional connector hose is obstructed. Three Operation Modes – The unit features two functions, a fan only control with three speeds and dehumidification.

Air Filtration Technology – Permanent, washable air filter traps bothersome dust particles and extends the life of the unit.

Fully Portable – With durable castor wheels, you can easily move the dehumidifier from room to room.

16-Foot & 3-Foot Drainage Hoses Included – No assembly or plumbing necessary. Perfect for any Room – Ideal for use in the basement, living room, bedroom, office or wherever excess humidity is present.

Quiet Operation The unit has a full digital display and electronic controls Perfect for the basement, can be used in low temperature settings, as a low as 44 degrees Collection chamber is able to determine if it is full and stop overflow

Comes with two connections. One can be used to collect the moisture in a tank or the other can be discharged on a continuous basis with a connected hose 40 pint per day capacity
1 year warranty on parts and labor on entire unit
5 Year warranty on sealed system
Dimensions – 23.03? H x 14.29? W x 15.39? D
Weight – 48 pounds
Super Quiet Operation
Capacity – 40 US pints per 24 hours