IonicMAX air purifier silently cleans your environment. A safe and easy to use air cleaner, will give your family the clean air they need to stay healthy. IonicMAX ionic air purifiers trap irritants and allergens on three collection blades and then release purified air back into the room.

In a world of loud ungainly air purifiers the IonicMAX removes the most dangerous particles from the air you breathe quietly, efficiently and yes stylishly. Place it on the floor (it looks so good youll be tempted to put it right in the middle of the room) plug it in and it quietly removes more than 99% of the polluting particles from your air. The IonicMAX features advanced engineering that has virtually eliminated the disadvantages of other ionic air cleaners. Its patented technologyefficiently cleans your air without generating ozone, and it does away with the dirty, hard to clean interior surfaces found in other purifiers. This patented technology is best at capturing the smallest particles, down to .01m. Those are the very particles that are most dangerous to your health allergens, bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, pet dander, dust, smoke and pollen. Even its design is clean, and the subtle light in the base reinforces the clean pure look and feel.

An IonicMAX air cleaner circulates air without the use of loud and disruptive motors or fans, and has no costly filters to replace. Simply remove the steel blade assembly and wipe clean with a damp cloth.

IonicMAX features: 
Traps airborne allergens like pollen, smoke, dust, and pet dander
Energy efficient and inexpensive to operate
One unit recommended for rooms up to 500 square feet
Captures pollutants down to .01m, the very particles most dangerous to your health
Patented engineering captures viruses, bacteria, allergens and more
Generates no ozone
Easy to clean no messy filters or dirty interior parts
Clean design looks great in any room
Lighted base reinforces the clean look