Speaker Tower




The ITowers unrivaled beauty, quality and performance define the award-winning series. A perfect complement to flat-panel displays, this exquisite floorstanding speaker flawlessly brings stunning audio to a stunning image.
Fully active design with built-in amplification*
Patent-pending Horn technology
Titanium tweeter for precise highs
Dual high-output woofers for amazing lows
Dual passive radiators for even more bass
Sleek, slender enclosure exudes sophistication
When designing the ITower floorstander, our engineers refused to hold back. The speaker intelligently employs dual high-output fiberglass cone woofers with powerful neodymium motor structures and two passive radiators to unleash the kind of bass you hear and feel. *Plus, the ITower is a fully active design with built-in amplification, meaning you dont need an A/V receiver to power it. You can plug these speakers directly into your TV, as long as your set has the right audio out jacks. With the appropriate cables, you can even plug an iPod directly into these floorstanders and make your play lists larger than life. But what makes this flat-panel speaker remarkably superior is an all-new, patent-pending Horn-loaded tweeter with XT technology. For over 60 years, horns have been the driving force behind our stunningly precise sound, and this latest design moves us farther ahead by allowing the slender ITower to deliver an extremely smooth

response with constant directivity. Youll discover the ITower s performance has but one rival: style. Its beautifully crafted aluminum extruded enclosure, featuring an anodized black-grain finish and high-gloss black accents, is the direct result of our engineers quest for perfect balance.

The entire series is performance art at its best, capturing the spirit of our past and pushing us into the future. It is a brilliant representation of how our products have evolved and remained desirable over time. After just one listen, the Icon sound will be imprinted in your consciousness forever.