OPEX Postal Technologies engages in the development of prepackaged software that offers a full range of mail sorting equipment. The company provides mail sorters and software products like PTI Model 45G Letter Sorter, the OPEX MPS 17 Flats Sorter, the RJ7 and RJ10 Reject Processors, the PureOPTICS imaging system, MaxiSORT sorting software and PureVISION MLOCR platform. OPEX Postal Technologies is based in Moorestown, New Jersey. OPEX Postal Technologies operates as a subsidiary of OPEX Corporation. OPEX Postal Technologies operates as a subsidiary of BOWE BELL + HOWELL. RJ7 Reject Processor, a system intended to turn rejected mail that was processed on current sorting equipment into properly bar-coded mail using state-of-the-art technology, cost effective processing and advanced functions. The RJ7 is designed for single-person operation and processes up to 7,200 pieces of #10 mail per hour. Of special interest to certified mailers, the machine offers the following features: , Ability to read handwritten mail , FAST forward (TM) capability/compliance , Verifier & in-line labeler , Windows-based interface , Multiple OCR’s (highest read rates) , Increased look-up time via an Indexer , Four programmable sort bins , Mail tray holder. Pre-sort departments benefits from the direct processing of barcoding rejected mail with the RJ7, which eliminates the turnaround time and expense of video encoding.

RJ7 can impact mail handling operations by reducing the number of rejects that are sent out by as much as 70% per day. In addition to the RJ7, OPEX offers a complete line of sorting equipment that is designed for both incoming and outgoing capabilities. OPEX sets the highest performance standards for its products and is dedicated to achieving excellence through innovative technology and superior customer service.