Cirkul - Your water. Your way.




For the up to 75% of Americans who don’t drink enough water, Cirkul is a lightweight, portable way to transform water into your new favorite enhanced beverage. Unlike other drinks, Cirkul lets you customize the level of enhancement, so you can enjoy your water, your way.

  • Convenient: Cirkul’s flavor cartridges are perfectly portable, and easy to toss in your bag.
  • Clean: Cirkul bottles are dishwasher safe and leak-proof. And because they only contain water, there’s never residual flavor lingering around.
  • Custom: The adjustable dial lets you easily control the amount of flavor in each sip, from 0-100.
  • Smart: One flavor cartridge is equal to four bottles of your favorite beverage, saving you both trips to the grocery store and pantry space.

When Garrett and Andy contacted 123.Design and talked about their concept for helping people drink more water, we were immediately impressed. What didn’t impress us was the lack of creativity around cap design. Drink Cirkul provides a way to flavor water without having to place liquid in the bottle. It’s a new way to enjoy water and saves money by needing only one bottle instead of four normal flavored drinks found in supermarkets. 123.Design team realized for people to enjoy the combination of flavors in the water there needed to be a level of control for all tastes. On a lightweight bottle he went to work with his creative team to come up with innovative ideas and finally settled on a cap design with an adjustable dial from 0-100, so people could enjoy the experience of drinking water their way. Garrett and Andy have come up a with a smart product to hydrate people on their terms. None of the success would be possible without the innovative cap that has helped people control their drink experience and helped Garrett and Andy stand out in a crowded market place.