Medical Scale (H-Scale)




Built with materials usually found in more expensive industrial scales the H Scale combines quality manufacturing with sleek styling to produce a person weigher that is not only cosmetically pleasing, but built industrial tough.

Designed to meet the demands of high traffic weighing, the H Scale will return constant and accurate reading time and time again. This scale is popular for high traffic weighing whether the doctor’s office, gyms, hospital setting or weigh in athletic events such as wrestling matches. Coaches, schools &   teams require a durable, accurate and quick to measure digital scale and the H Scale fits the bill perfectly. The large 17″ x 15″ platform with non-skid mat for providing consistent weight readings for people weighing up to 400 pounds. The 0.1 lb graduations enables weight to truly be tracked accurately. The H Scale digital person weigher scale was designed to be the perfect choice to replace the old mechanical scales and the low quality scales that school nurses and wrestling coaches have been forced to use over the years. If you’re looking for high quality, accuracy, durability, reasonable cost, and a manufacturer that stands behind their product then this design is our pick. If your needs are accuracy and repeatable weighing results, this is the scale for you. Quality built, this patient weighing scale will offer years of fast, trouble free weighing results even for those high usage weighing applications like a medical clinic or hospital setting were the scale is used to for continuous usage.


  • 400 lb capacity with 1/4 pound increments and 180 kg capacity with 100 gram increments
  • Physician quality beam scale for home, office, gym, fitness centers or medical use
  • Easy to set up, comes with a 2 year factory warranty
  • Includes: Height-rod (30-78 inches, 76-198 cm)