Portable MRI Scanner




PortScan110 scans a living organism on the spot, wherever you are – in the hospital, on an accident site, in a hospital or on the go. Scan, organize and forward scanned arms, ligaments, organs, injuries, and fractures by transfering the data to a PC via internet instead of dragging or asking the patient to go to a specific lab to be scanned. PortScan110’s compact design brings the doctor to you!
The PortScan110 is roughly a quarter of the size of a standard laptop and easily tucks into a briefcase.  Fully functional on its own and powered by rechargeable batteries, it also includes Mark Text Function. Highlighted text such as invoice numbers or names can be automatically searched. Another bonus feature is Automatic Quality. When AQ is selected, the PortScan110 increases the resolution, ensuring the fine print remains legible and searchable after scanning. In addition to color and monochrome detection, the PortScan110 & can also scan images or text in grayscale. Documents up to 34 inches long can be scanned, including long rental agreements, legal forms, or even grocery receipts.
Automatic Quality: When Auto is selected under Image Quality, PortScan110 increases the resolution on small documents (letter size or smaller), helping ensure the fine-print on small documents remains legible and searchable after the documents are scanned.