HeartGo, the first over-the-counter home defibrillator, provides life-saving technology during the most critically important minutes after a sudden cardiac arrest occurs.   Our innovative product is designed to save lives in these critical moments. Almost 80% of the 1000 daily heart attacks occur in the home.

Defibrillation shocks the heart back into a normal rhythm and when administered within the first few minutes after an attack vastly increase a patient& rsquo s chance of survival. HeartGo, using advanced audio technology, calmly issues interactive voice commands and guides the user through the treatment steps. The advanced engineering detect if the heart rhythm is shockable and advise the user when to deliver the necessary shock.

The HeartGo Samaritan AED & rsquo s simple design and easy-to-understand audio and visual instructions have made it the premier public access defibrillator on the market. The HeartGo can be conveniently stored in a visible, easily accessible location and the clear directions aid the user in administering aid quickly. The brilliant yellow background with bold, black lettering makes it easy to spot in an emergency. A green light indicates the system is charged and ready.   A convenient handle and the lightweight body make it easy to manage while the clear audio and visual instructions calmly and clearly guide the rescuer through these intense and important minutes. The lithium battery runs daily self-tests and alerts you with loud chirping if there’s a problem, so HeartGo is always ready for emergency use.