Bomb Squad Remote




A seven axis proportional remote controller available in radio link versions. Robust waterproof casting. Simple ergonomic operation. Communicates with CAN, I2C or RS485. This remote control unit is used to establish a highly mobile and fully controllable bomb squad robot system in the field by integrating control capability equivalent to a compact unit powered from the device to be controlled. The Robotic XYZ booth (controller), found the controls on the Operator Contol Unit (remote control unit) to be intuitive. The resolution on the OCU’s display screen is pretty good enough to be able to identify any items that military, law enforcement/Homeland Security, or private security company (PSC) professionals/end users might need to look for, like people (enemy combatants or criminal suspects), weapons (firearms and knives), IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), drugs/contraband, etc.