Bomb Squad Robot




BomRob200 weighs 900 pounds and is about the size of a riding lawn mower. With its manipulator arm fully extended, the robot’s height is 8& rsquo -6& rdquo . The tread system is designed to traverse difficult terrain. In total, the device has three color video cameras with one that could be added, including a camera mounted on one of the poles protruding from the top of the robot. It also features several microphones, lights, and an array of other sensors.

& bull 24-inch camera extender
& bull Color surveillance camera with light, zoom, pan/tilt
& bull Surveillance camera with image stabilization – 216:1 total zoom
(26x optical/12x digital) (36x optical/16x digital is available)
& bull Stationary arm camera – 40:1 total zoom (10x optical/4x digital)
& bull Quick disconnect camera mount
& bull Multiple-mission tool/sensor mounts with plug-and-play capabilities
& bull Gripper with continuous rotate
& bull Quick-release pneumatic wheels for rapid width-reduction, no tools required
& bull Manipulator arm’s seven degrees of freedom ensure optimum dexterity

& bull Articulating tracks allow for traversing ditches, obstacles and the roughest terrain.Vehicle Data / Communication Links The three data links available for operator control of the vehicle are:

& bull Articulating tracks allow for ease in stair climbing
& bull Fiber-Optic Cable – deployed from the vehicle
& bull Hard tether cable
& bull Radio Control (wireless)
& bull Increased height to meet mission requirements
& bull Dual accessory mounts on arm allow simultaneous, multiple weapon/sensor deployment