With communications becoming much easier and simple, organizations always strive for lower operational cost and flexibility in their communication systems. DuraLITE transceiver is the ideal solution for all your portable and remote communication needs in the military industry. A portable DuraLITE will enable the portable transceivers to communicate with a central base station or any other transceiver.
Ease of Use – It has taken huge efforts to ensure their manpacks are extremely light, rugged, and comfortable to carry in a neat pack with easy to use features
Flexibility – DuraLITE Radios offers huge flexibility with additional data interface capabilities
Interoperability – They are interoperable with military transceivers and all radio communication devices
Reliability – DuaLITE Transceivers use HF SSB transmission to communicate. It is highly reliable because of the fact that the transmission is independent of the infrastructure and completely based on sky-wave
Effective Long Distance Communication – With the help of HF SSB transceivers can achieve effective long distance communication with lower noise to signal ratio
Intelligent Battery Management It provides the lowest power consumption available so that you can use it for several days with a single battery
Low Cost of Ownership – With Intelligent Batter Management for lower operational costs and less training for using the Manpacks, it offers the lowest possible cost of ownership with a superior quality
Integrated Antenna – Provides a fully integrated fast antenna tuner which will equip the manpacks to automatically select antenna types, tuning modes
Future Upgrades –  It offers a software update facility to your Manpacks which will get you an increased return on your investments
Indicative Dashboard – The dashboard are well designed which will indicate the performance of the battery and communication details in it
Compliance Standards – It completely complies with all international standards such as CE and FCC radio type approvals, MIL – STD – 810 environmental standards, and both FED – STD – 1045 and MIL – STD – 188 – 141B ALE

Security – With SAFE encryption of your communications, it provides a high level of security, protecting your sensitive data transmission with utmost confidence

DuraLITE Jam is a small lightweight portable bomb jammer built in a backpack, designed for easy mobile use. This back pack IED jammer can be carried by a team member when neutralizing a remote controlled improvised explosive device RCIED or IED. This bomb jammer built into backpack configuration, designed for the protection of vehicles in march (in columns and individually) and personnel / from radio RCIED explosion in dangerous areas by electronic counter measures. Manpack Jamming System helps prevent radio transmissions that are used to activate radio controlled bombs, radio fired mines and remote controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDS).

Operating frequency range: 851 – 2170 MHz
Frequency TRS 851~869MHz / CDMA869~894MHz / GSM925~960MHz
DCS 1805~1880MHz / PCS 1930~1990MHz / 3G 2110~2170MHz
Number of bands 1~3(IMBT-515MP), 1~5(IMBT-503MP)
Range Unto 350m at -90dBm

Jamming modes: Barrage
Integral Power: 45W
Consumption current, not more than 18 A
Power supply voltage: 12.6 2V
Power supply source: Accumulator batteries, type GP-1214, or car network (accumulator)
Operation time from one set of batteries: 60 minutes
Weight: 30.8 lb (14 Kg)
Overall dimensions together with antenna feeder device: 2030 x 430 x 220 mm
Antenna External Directional antenna
Cooling Self cooling with Heatsink
Working temperature -4 to 140 (Fahrenheit) -20 to 60 degree (Celsius)