Rackmount Enclosure




This Rackmount Enclosure/Case protects your electronics equipment from impact, vibration, and environmental factors. The Rack case is designed to be particularly lightweight and compact. It includes shock-mounts, edge casters, and one inch of sway space to insulate your cargo from shock and vibration. Rackmount cases, comes with custom mounting options to support and protect your equipment. Two-inch long elastomeric shock-mounts match the weight range of your gear.
Each and every one of our plastic containers have been designed, tested and proven – in the lab and on the ground – to withstand impact, rough handling, and the elements. Our designer and engineers have paid attention to every detail. Lightweight, watertight, heat- and impact-resistant. Provides additional protection where it’s needed most, Stable when stacked, tight seal closure absorbs severe impact without permanent deformation. Easy to clean, de-contaminatable, protects case contents through chemical attack. Meets MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-2073, ASTM 4169, & DC18 specifications, GSA Contract GS-15F-0019M, ATA compliant for air transport. -High-strength, lightweight, heat-treated aluminum 19″ Versa-Racks (EIA standard) with a wide range of custom mounting options support and protect even delicate equipment from severe drops, aircraft turbulence, off-road travel, etc. -Precision-engineered 2″ long elastomeric shockmounts match the weight range of your gear. -1″ -2″ of sway space within rackmount enclosures insulate cargo from shock and vibration with a cooling air flow – a major advantage over foam-captivated systems