This rugged computer is a computer specifically designed to reliably operate in harsh usage environments and conditions, such as strong vibrations, extreme temperatures and wet or dusty conditions. They are designed from inception for the type of rough use typified by these conditions commercial units upgraded for this purpose make poor substitutes. In general, ruggedized and hardened computers share the same design robustness, and frequently these terms are interchangeable. Extreme temperature capabilities include hard drive heaters, solid state hard drives, and hybrid hard drives with enhanced operating temperature range. The difference between the two terms is that hardened generally refers to computers that can withstand a bit more shock and/or more adverse environmental conditions.

The new unit to the offering a lightweight all carbonfiber case design portable computer. The keyboard is a low profile membrane keyboard and also has an integrated touch pad. This unit has a built in stabilization bar, amplified stereo speakers and can hold multiple full length interface cards as USB etc.. This computer is designed to accommodate a standard ATX size motherboard. It is now available in a fixed 17.1 inch 1280×1024 display.

Spill-resistant keyboards fully sealed one-piece backlit keyboards with optional backlight
Department of Defense 810F durability testing and certifications
Temp, Shock and vibration per MIL-STD-810F, explosive atmosphere safe
IP54 environmental protection NEMA & IP Ingress Protection rated

Environmentally-hardened industrial and battlefield-ready portable computing.
Water protection 4 inches of rain per hour, spill-resistant keyboards & touchpads. Drop protection survives 3ft free drop onto concrete, up to 30G shock protection
Full magnesium alloy enclosureheavy duty die-cast magnesium alloy with individually sealed ports provide ingress protection.
EMI/RFI filtering MIL-STD-461E Shielded cables
Enclosure o-ring gasket sealing the entire case against dust, water and sand.
Shock mounted hard drives