The CarbonFiber military use suitcase is unrivaled in class, style, and sophistication. Constructed of sturdy carbon fiber weave, this case is lighter in weight than aluminum. Intelligent interior organization and the recessed latches and hidden combination lock make this the perfect case for showcasing your individuality. Carbon Fiber starts as microscopic carbon filaments. These filaments are then combined by the thousands to make strands that are interlaced into a weave that is as strong as steel while one-tenth its weight. Aluminum however, is one-fourth the weight of steel. Resin is then impregnated into the cloth creating the strength and rigidity of carbon fiber. Once carbon fiber is fashioned into the trademark Zero Halliburton case, the end product is an absolutely stunning glassy black finish with a subtle carbon fiber weave. Best of all carbon fiber is nearly impervious to wear. Dimensions: 13 x 18 x 4.5 in. Style #: P-4 Stealth P4-Stealth 4″ Carbon Fiber Attache is made from the same material as the Stealth bomber.