LED Street Light




The LED Street Light (also referred to as LED road light) is an integrated light-emitting diode (LED) light fixture that is used for street lighting. LED street lights can reduce the cost of keeping streets well-lit when dark. LED street lights have the capibility of lasting 12 years and allows for cost recovery through energy savings in only three years.

An LED street light based on a 901 milliwatt output LED can normally produce the same amount of (or higher) luminance as a traditional light, but requires only half of the power consumption. As a result, LED street light is a conventional ” green” lighting source. The light casing is made with material that is highly lucent, dust-proof, and waterproof. The lights are safe, reliable, and have a long life span. It is especially suitable to use in public places such as open squares, streets, and roads.


  • Pathway illumination
  • Roadways illumination
  • Security Ligthing
  • No radiation produced
  • Little or no heat
  • Durable in all weather conditions