Wild Peas




Here’s an interesting glimpse inside the development of a game. I conceived this game after fixing an old computer mouse by taking out the tracking ball and cleaning it. Tracking balls are heavy and rubber-coated and fun to roll. I devised a sloping game board and a scoring system and VIOLA! Wild Peas was born.

I pitched it to several companies and RSV Productions, the makers of the hit game Jishaku, loved it and decided to move forward with it, but under a new name: Brass Balls & Nerves of Steel.Eventually the more family-friendly name Sphere Factor prevailed. The balls are now big marbles and the board is rubber coated. Still a ton of fun and very addictive to play.

After RSV Productions took it to Toy Fair and had a great response to it, they are moving ahead with orders in hand. Sphere Factor will be available this fall!