The Scope of Our Work Compared to other professional ergonomic consulting firms, we have a long history of producing actionable solutions to complex ergonomic problems for both hardware and software related problems. By combining our expertise in product/workstation design and engineering we are uniquely capable of producing fully functional prototype and production solutions to complex ergonomic problems. These solutions can range from relatively simple support devices to large-scale production of workstations for complex workgroups deployed on a global scale. We have extensive experience with ergonomic aspects of multi-display workstation configurations, handheld applications and other commercial and consumer applications. Our professional ergonomic programs often include detailed economic benefit modeling, risk mitigation, and related cost-benefit analysis as required to provide hard business support for all critical ergonomic recommendations.

Financial Systems

  • Trading workstations
  • Trading rooms
  • Trading floors
  • Conference rooms
  • Training centers
  • Simulation rooms

Financial systems are ergonomically complex and rapidly changing based on market conditions, rules, management decisions, trading styles, and technology. We have extensive experience with these special problems. Our ergonomic solutions have provided clients with fully verified ergonomic performance and related employee and customer benefits.

Military Systems

  • Complex workstations
  • Launch centers
  • Control rooms
  • Other DOD systems

Military ergonomic problems are complex in ways that other systems are not. Without scientifically valid ergonomic research applied in a robust manner the risk of a catastrophic loss due to poor ergonomic performance increases dramatically as does training costs and support. We have helped optimize the ergonomic performance of both software and hardware military systems.

Process Control

  • Large Scale Production
  • Energy Generation
  • Paper Making
  • Complex Processes

Today, ergonomic process control applications require optimization of both physical workstation design and information display. We have worked extensively in complex process control industry sectors covering several core problem spaces.

Medical Systems

  • Hand-held devices
  • Drug Delivery
  • Imaging
  • Surgical Inst.
  • Process optimization

The ergonomic performance of medical devices and related software is far more complex than most realize. This is especially true for devices which fall under rigorous FDA guidelines and represent a significant risk in the marketplace. We have extensive experience with a very wide range of medical device/system ergonomic problems including the provision of industry-leading usability testing covering formative and summative studies for FDA submission.


  • Micro Assembly
  • Represented Positions
  • Heavy assembly
  • Complex Assembly

Manufacturing ergonomics is a core capability of our firm. We have extensive experience and have produced industry-leading ergonomic solutions for a wide range of manufacturing verticals. These projects included tool design, process design, workstation design, and entire workflow and assembly ergonomic optimization.

Driver/Operator Systems

  • Automotive
  • Agricultural
  • Military
  • Transportation

Dynamic operator environments including driver and operator ergonomic optimization design is a core competency of our firm. We have extensive experience in complex ergonomic optimization of advanced automation into driver environments and industrial vehicle design solutions.

Consumer Systems

  • Wearable devices
  • Hand-held products
  • Sports and training
  • Complex electronics
  • Communications devices
  • Toys and Games

It is clear that a new generation of consumer devices including wearable, smartphones, and IOT devices are generating an entirely new type of ergonomic problem whereby size is combined with high levels of functional complexity. We have a long history aiding leading companies and startups in the ergonomic optimization of products, systems, and processes.