Revolutionizing Medical Training

Revolutionizing Medical Training Revolutionizing Medical Training: CAE’s Head of HPS Human Simulator’s faced a growing level of frustration from her customers. Hospitals using CAE’s Human Patient Simulator based on older German technology were difficult to use, left trainees uninspired and made teaching and practice slower. In fact, many trainees had difficulty achieving standard skill levels needed for life-and-death situations. Enter 123.Design. The team from 123 took a radical approach and decided teaching and learning would be greatly increased if the trainees had the pleasure of using the equipment. 123.Design wanted to bring training into the state-of-the-art by turning the experience into as near to real life as possible. 123 brought the project in on time and within budget. 123’s HPS Human Patient Simulator benefited from 123’s unique controller technology. Armed with a “brain” the simulator has reduced the learning time by 40%. Skill levels have reached the standard needed for qualifying to work with patients. 123 reduced the cost of components as a consequence of the team’s approach that “more is less” CAE contracted 123 for the design, engineering, and prototype further leading to tooling, production and assembly. The Head of HPS Human Simulator’s has satisfied customers helping to spread the word and increase sales of its HPS Human Patient Simulator. More importantly, more skilled staff are now helping patients recover in less time. Read More?

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