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Packaging design services help businesses to design bags, boxes and other packaging products for the protection of fragile or valuable contents during the movement of products from a distribution center to consumers. Package design is also an important marketing tool that allows a business to promote the features and benefits of individual products. With laptop computers and cell phones, product packaging design makes packaging part of the product itself. For some consumers, product styling is an especially important consideration. The clamshell packaging used with flip phones protects the cell phone while not in use, but can be flipped open when the user needs to operate the device.

Packaging design services comply with many different regulatory requirements and quality standards. In the United States, the relevant regulatory agencies include the Environmental Protection Organization (EPA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC), and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Packaging design services that serve European markets should comply with relevant European Union directives (EU) regarding health and safety. Products that bear the CE Mark comply with these directives. Bag design, box design, clamshell design, and custom packaging products that meet other regulatory requirements by organizations such as the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) are also commonly available.

Service Design

The best way to ensure a safety standard compliant product is to get it right in the design phase. Even large corporations with knowledgeable staff regularly seek outside assistance from the product safety experts.

If you don’t have a designer or design staff trained in product safety, you might be rolling the dice right from the drawing board. You need to make sure your product design is problem-free from the beginning.

The design assistance is a quick and cost-effective process. Catching potential problems in the design phase can save you tens of thousands of dollars and help avoid time-to-market delays.


Our sister company provides clients with results-focused, full service advertising agency solutions. With in-house resources and both online and offline marketing expertise, we are able to deliver creative promotions and advertising services at highly competitive rates.

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If any company that has their product and are looking for a fast, easy and cheap way to promote your brand and your product then you should try distributing free items and giveaways. Free items and giveaways in the form of promotional items will increase consumers’ knowledge about your brand, product or services. Our Campaign services enable a company to communicate a more personalized message to their customers.

Your campaigns can serve a number of purposes and deliver a variety of messages, from newsletters to keep your name in the mind of your existing customer base, announcements to update people on any changes to your products or services, or promotions to increase your sales – such as special offers or new product launches.