Software Engineering

Website Development

Despite conventional knowledge, the main part of website design and development is not only a coding process full of HTML, PHP and CSS coding. Website development on the front end involves much more since the user experience is identified in this stage.

Mobile App Development

With smartphones taking over our lives, we have become almost addicted to technology. Take any smartphone today and you will see that its easier to use apps although you can use your mobile phone web browsers to do the same exact function. Apps provide a better, unique and easier way for the end user to experience during the interface between the hand and the smartphone. In this process we will go over a few tasks that we go through.

Data Science

Websites as well as mobile apps collect tremendous amount of data. Once this data is analyzed, it means something. It also may have value to others that are looking for this data. Data science is a path that leads us to understand the information we have.

Embedded Software

With products that we design the connectivity between each other as well as to the database can created a brand new era for communication. IOT (Internet of Things) brings devices together playing a crucial role today’s communication of products.


All major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu bring out their search results based on the content created by your website. The knowledge of knowing how to package this data is extremely important. If done in the wrong way you can end up being ranked at 5M in comparison to being ranked in the top 100K company worldwide.