THE BEEBO PARTNERS After, working with the inventor from scratch 123.Design has hand delivered the next generation of baby feeding. He was aired on Shark Tank with an amazing performance, Martin Hill, managed to score the partnership he longed for. "Shark Tank gave us a huge boost in sales both during and after airing. We had thousands of units in stock when we aired, which were all sold out within a week. We also had another container of product on the ocean which we opened up for pre-order. This was around 70 per cent sold before it even hit the US. This huge boost in sales allowed us to completely redesign the packaging, negotiate a lower manufacturing cost (which in turn led to a new lower MSRP of $29.99 per unit, down from the original $39.95), and also make some great improvements to the overall product to get it retail ready. Since airing, we have launched nationwide into Buy Buy Baby, had great success with online sales, and also started selling into boutique/speciality stores." Read More?    

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